TERMS & Conditions

Paying the deposit

Your deposit can be paid by paypal, or via BACS. We take a set £50 deposit for each hot tub that is hired. No booking is secured without the deposit having been received. A confirmation of booking will be sent to you. Where more than 1 person has requested a particular date, the hot tub will be booked to the person whose deposit is received first. Any deposits received after this will be refunded or can be used towards a different date. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to our hire terms and conditions outlined on this page. Deposits are non refundable if cancelled by the person hiring the equipment. Your deposit will be returned to you within 5 days after collecting the hot tub if on collection the tub meets our standards set out in: reasons for not returning deposit.

Paying the balance

We will advise you of the balance to pay within your delivery details. The full balance is payable by the date set in the message, via BACS. If full payment is not made, we reserve the right to offer the hot tub to another party and you will loose your deposit. We only accept cash payments on set up if you have asked in advance to do this.We will not leave our equipment at set up without payment.


You will be issued an AM or PM time slot the week before your hire. There must be someone aged 18+ to accept delivery. If you have failed to be/make someone avaiable for set up and we arrive to an empty property, you will be responsible to pay for the balance of the hire. You must be prepared for set up by: Clearing pathways for our delivery driver Clearing an area 3x3m for the equipment of sharp debris, leaves, branches, stones, furniture and animal mess. If the area is unsuitable, we reserve the right to refuse the hire. Access to water is required. If you do not have an outside tap and/or a hose you MUST let us know, we may not have spares unless you have requested to borrow hoses. Access to electric will be required for the entire duration of the hire; this should be from a 13amp household socket or from a suitable outdoor extension cable with a minimum 2 plugs and a 13amp fuse. This must be unravalled. We do not supply extension leads. We do not supply the electricity or water, please ensure where you are getting these supplies from are a reliable source. We will not test the plug you are using, it is your responsibility to ensure it is safe and up to standard. We accept no responsibility if your water or power supply is not up to standard. All of our equipment is checked to ensure it is to standard, please ensure you do the same.

Set up

If you have not followed our delivery message and are not ready for us when we arrive, we will not set up, we will leave and you will have missed your booking. We reserve the right to retain the full balance of your hire. Not being ready means that you delay our delivery to everyone else. A member of our team will set up your hot tub and gazebo (if applicable). They will show you how to use the equipment and answer any questions that you might have. We do not fill up the hot tubs. Fill time can vary from 1-3 hours; we will show you how to turn the heat on for once it is filled. We work on a night by night hire basis; We aim to have the hot tub ready to be used from 7pm on the first night of hire. If your party is starting earlier than 7pm in the winter months, please let us know. Heat time is up to 24 hours, therefore it is PARAMOUNT that you TURN ON the heat as soon as the tub is filled to the required level.

Using the hot tub

Your hot tub is delivered sanitised. It is filled with clean drinkable water. It is ESSENTIAL to everyone's enjoyment and health that you make all efforts to keep the hot tub in a good condition during your hire. It is essential to clean the filter at least once everyday. Ensure all guests are freshly showered, they are not wearing strong perfumes, oils, creams, fake tan. Make sure that nobody urinates, spits, vomits or likewise into the hot tub. Users MUST wipe feet before entering the hot tub to prevent dirt, grass etc from getting in the tub. We are not responsible if you do not follow these simple instructions to maintain clear water. If the water becomes dirty and smelly you MUST empty and refill the hot tub. DO NOT BATHE IN DIRTY SMELLY WATER. PoshTubs accept no liabilty for illness, skin/eye irritaton or other from using the hot tubs. Remember - we fill with clean water from your tap, if it gets dirty, you have made it that way! We supply a brand new filter for every hire, these are designed to be used for up to 2 weeks. It is your responsibilty to keep it clean! We will not supply new ones if you have failed to keep it clean. If the filter is not kept clean, the water will not be clean, the filter may block and therefore cause the pump to stop working - we cannot be held responsibly for this.

Your responsibilities

The customer responsible is the person who has made the enquiry to book and issues the order of the payment of the deposit. As the customer you accept responsibilty for the safety and wellbeing of the users and the care of all equipment belonging to Posh Tubs Hot Tub Hire Ltd. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. The customer must ensure that any users that are pregnant, suffer from any ill health, have open wounds, are on medication do not use the hot tub unless they have sought the permission from a GP. Anybody with a contagious infection/disease is prohibited from using the hot tub. Anybody highly intoxicated or that have used recreational drugs must not be allowed to use the hot tub for risk of drowning. It is the customers responsibilty to pay for replacements of any damaged items and for the safety and well being of each user.

Do's & Dont's

Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the general usage information below. DO's Keep water clean and clear. Clean the filter reguarly. Wipe/wash feet before entry. Freshly shower before entering the tub removing any heavy oils or creams. Supervise anybody under ther age of 18 at all times with strict attention. Ensure the safety of the equipment with correct storage, use of the hot tub. Do listen to all instructions given during your set up and listen to any requests that may be communicated during your hire. Check water cleanliness often. Clean the filter at least twice per day. Inform us immediately of any new or ongoing problem; we cannot fix a problem if we aren't made aware of it. DONT's Do not allow children into the hot tub unsupervised. No pets must climb up/enter the hot tub. Do not use any sharp breakable objects such as glasses; Use plastic. Do not urinate, spit, vomit in the hot tub. Do not jump on the sides of the hot tub. Do not allow sharp toys in the hot tub. Do not spill food or drink or other substances into the water including bubble bath. Do not bathe in dirty smelly water; if you have failed to keep the water clear you should drain, clean and refill the tub will fresh water. PoshTubs accept no liabilty for illness, skin/eye irritation or other relating to the use of the hot tubs. Do not sit on the side of the hot tub!


Hot tubs can be used all year round. However, certain extreme weather may prevent us from setting up or may hinder your enjoyment of the hot tub. We will always check the forecast before our arrival, in strong winds we will be unable to set up any gazebos. If the wind picks up after set up and damage is likely to be caused to the gazebos, you must remove the material covers. We will remind you to do this as well. Any damages caused to the gazebo in wind or other circumstance must be repaid within 48 hours. In the event of severe weather storms such as snow, gales, floods and weather warnings we may cancel the hire where safety is a concern. We will offer you a choice of either a full refund of any amounds paid, or a free transfer booking to an alternative date.


Once a deposit has been received, your booking will be confirmed. If you decide to cancel your booking within 24 hours you will be issued a full refund; after such time your deposit is non refundable due to time spent arranging your hire, booking processes, fees incurred and potential loss of hire. Last minute bookings made upto 7 days of the hire delivery date the deposit is non refundable if you later decide to cancel. You may transfer your date free of charge anytime before 2 weeks prior to delivery. If we cancel your hire for any reasons relating to but not limited to extreme weather, a full refund or change of date will be offered. If you decide to cut short your hire, you will not be entitled to any partial refunds.

Damages & Insurance

In the event that any item(s) of equipment belonging to Posh Tubs Hot Tub Hire Ltd becomes damaged during your hire (this being classed from the moment that our team member leaves your premesis to when we return to collect the equipment) you are responsible to pay for all damages up to full replacements costs. Maximum replacement costs: Bell Tent £1250 Hot Tub £1200 Gazebo £200 LED spa light £20 LED light remote £20 Large Games up to £100 Bell Tent Furnishing inc beds & bedding £700 Payments for replacement must be made on collection of the equipment or within the terms sent over. Any moneys unpaid will be sought through the small claims court, the customer will incur court costs.

Help & contact details

If you have problems during your hire you must contact us for assistance if you are unable to resolve the problems yourself from our FAQ's & Self Help page. Call or text 07931222662 Email - Bookings@poshtubs.co.uk Facebook - /poshtubs Twitter - @Poshtubs We cannot fix a problem without being told about it. We are open from 0800-2000, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Outside of these hours, please refer to our FAQ and self help guide where you will find direct links to the manufacturer promlem solving sheets. If you feel the equipment is faulty, we will test the equipment at our base before considering any refund.


Access does need to be made; however nobody needs to be present for collection if we can get to the equipment without coming through a house/garage. You must leave access clear and unlocked. If we cannot retreive our equipment in the agreed time, an additional charge of £50 will be applied plus £60 per night until we are able to collect at our convenience. You are required to drain the hot tub ready for collection. We will discuss drainage with you on set up, please leave electric accessible so we may use a submersible pump to empty the hot tub if we need to, only if agreed on set up. If you want us to drain the hot tub for you, it will be within 5 metres from the tub. If you are unhappy with the water going onto your grass or property, please arrange to drain the hot tub yourself. Please DO NOT deflate the hot tub.

Privacy Policy

When you book we do have to take information, this information is stored on a password protected calendar programme, on password/fingerprint protected devices (laptop and phone) which only myself and Antony have access to. Your address may be written down on delivery day for our drivers, this is securely destroyed at the end of the driver's day. We do not store payment details. We take most of your deposits through PayPal, meaning your payment is protected by their own regulations. When paying over the phone, we use the PayPal Here app, which again, protects your card details and we have no access to view your card number once the payment is processed. When paying by BACS please see your bank's safety policy. We never have, nor will, pass your details on to any 3rd parties. We may contact you from time to time with promotions which you have the right to unsubscribe to at any point. All our emails contain an unsubscribe link. You have the right to request any message history is deleted once your booking is completed. We may store your booking information for a period of 3 years. This makes it easier when you book again! (hint hint) You may request that your booking information is deleted once your hire has ended. You may request a copy of any data we hold on your account at anytime.

What you Need

Please bare the following in mind when hiring a hot tub: You will need: A clear passageway to the garden. A clear, level, area no less than 2.5 x 2.5m for a hot tub or 3x3m for a gazebo. If your garden is only stones, you must supply a ground sheet. You will need constant access to electric, either through a window, outdoor plug socket or suitable good quality, outdoor type 13amp extension cable. You will need access to water, ideally from an outside tap, if you do not have an outside tap you can purchase an internal tap adapter from most DIY stores, alternatively send us a picture so we can check our stocks to leave one with you for your hire. Please note - we do not supply extension cables, or hoses. We do not supply tap attachements.

Additional Charges

All our our hot tubs are well cared for, well maintained and cleaned meticulously. If, during your hire, the hot tub has not be kept in a sanitary condition and on collection contains residue of make up, hair dye, food, urine or is presented in any other unsavoury state; a cleaning charge of £50 will be invoiced to you. A well maintained spa will see you enjoy your hire from start to finish; please follow the user guidelines to ensure your hot tub stays clean. A clean hot tub is a safe hot tub! Call out fees: If you require us to call out to you if a problem cannot be solved over the phone a charge of £50 plus mileage of .75p per mile each way will be invoiced to you if the problem is deemed to be down to missuse - such as - dirty water, blocked filter/pipes/punctures/damages.

Failure to pay the additional charges on receipt of invoice will be taken to small claims court and the cost to do so, applied to your invoice.

Glamping Tents

A £50 deposit is required to secure your tent. After 24 hours this deposit is non refundable. A time for set up will be arranged for you the week prior to your hire. An area of 7m x 7m on lawn must be available, unfortunately we cannot set up a tent on any other ground due to its need to be pegged down. If on our arrival set up cannot take place, the balance of the hire will still be owing due to lack of time to readvertise and costs already involved, please check your space before booking. When your tent is collected it should be available to us in the same condition that it was left in. Any damages or items non returned will be invoiced to you at a rate of: damage to tent itself - up to full replacement costs of £1250 damage/non return of bed linnen - up to £100 per item damage/non return of decorations - up to £100 per item If we cannot set up due to adverse weather conditions, we will discuss rearranging the hire.

Holiday Cottages

Are you booking your hot tub to be delivered to a holiday cottage? Please ensure you have relavant permission from the owner or holiday company. You must ensure there is the correct power and water available. Some holiday cottages reserve the right to charge an additional fee for the extra water and electric. Please notify us on booking if we are delivering to a holiday cottage.

Reasons For Not Returning Deposit

We reserve the right to hold your deposit if any of the following apply: You do not allow us access to set up/collect the equipment You do not allow us to use your hose on collection to clean the hot tub You do not drain the hot tub You have deflated the hot tub You have damaged the equipment - in addition to the replacement costs The area is not clear for our staff to set up the hot tub The area is not clear for our staff to collect the hot tub The hot tub is excessively dirty - this will be in addition to the cleaning fee The lid for the hot tub is not looked after, has been discarded on the ground and is dirty - the lid should remain on the hot tub, not blowing around your garden